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What are Directions for Use / Suggested Usage?

For best results, mix 1 spoon (3 gm) Wheatgrass Powder in a glass having 275 ml of warm water, stir well & drink on an empty stomach in morning for minimum 1 month.

Wheatgrass Powder - Use

Wheatgrass Powder, directions for Use / Suggested Usage


HACCP, Organic and GMP Certified
Wheat Grass Powder Philippines

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Cost = 25 USD
100 g Wheatgrass Powder
1 bottle = 30 glass
(1 months supply)

  • Girme's "Wheatgrass Powder" is available in 100 gm packing required for a month.
  • Do not have any food for half an hour before and after consumption.
  • A few drops of honey may be added to enhance taste.
  • Consume minimum 1 spoon (about 3 g) a day and increase as per body acceptance.
  • Some persons may experience nausea or irregular bowel movements in the starting few days which will subside once the body gets accustomed to the product. In such cases, reduce the quantity to say half a spoon & increase slowly day by day as per body acceptance.
  • Safe - for children above 1 year age, the elderly & infirm.
  • Safe - for women during pregnancy, breastfeeding & if trying to conceive.





Comparison of fresh Wheat Grass Juice Shots v/s Wheatgrass Powder

Topics Wheat Grass Juice Wheat Grass Powder
Shelf Life Remains good for just a few hours & is difficult to transport long distance Best before 1 year from date of packaging. Can be transported anywhere.
Fibre Many beneficial nutrients thrown out along with Fiber in the process of straining juice. Contains all the beneficial nutrients including Chlorophyll & Fibre.
Quantity Wheatgrass used to make a glass of juice may be less than 30 g (suggested quantity). 1 spoon (3 g) = 30 g fresh Wheatgrass (30 g fresh Wheatgrass per day is suggest for good results)
Organic Quality May contain harmful pesticide / heavy metals residue if not grown in organic method. 100 % Chemical free, Certified Organic product.
Convenience Tedious to make juice & difficult to grow in all climatic conditions / seasons. Easy to carry & ready to use. Have your Wheatgrass shot anywhere, any time!
Cost Cost for 1 glass per = 1 - 2 CAD
30 glass (1 month) = 60 CAD
100 g bottle (30 glass serving) = 30 USD
Less than a month cost of fresh Wheatgrass