Wheatgrass Business offer for Canada

Business Opportunity to join our Dealer or Reseller network:

We offer Wheat Grass Powder at wholesale / discount rate to Dealers / Resellers.
Just like any other health product, marketing of Wheatgrass Powder by referral promotion is the best option.

Following are the highlights of our Wheatgrass Business Offer:

  • Assured market share - We offer area wise exclusivity / monopoly
  • Great discount - to give you high income even in low volume sale.
  • Low cost entry - Can start in minimum order of 6 bottle.
  • Easy to start - no need of a big space, cost & experience.
  • Open to all - young and old, individual person / company / shop.
  • Time Flexible - Can be done as a 'Work from Home' or 'Business from Home'.
  • Great for start ups - or as addition product to existing retail, food or health business.
  • Low advertising cost - Health Products gets 'word of mouth' publicity easily.
  • Full Support - free sales & marketing guidance by phone / email.
  • Free sales leads - We forward customer enquiries to active Dealers.

The market potential is huge. Just imagine how many people in your city or Province might be suffering from Cancer, Anemia, Thalassemia, Diabetes, Acidity, Piles, Obesity, Weakness, etc. You can approach them through various enquiry generation methods like Referral marketing, Internet Marketing, Paper Ads, using Handbills, Seminars, approaching Citizens groups, support groups of Cancer, Thalassemia, Naturopaths, Alternative Therapists, Doctors, Dieticians, Herbal Centers, Ayurveda Stores, Massage Spas, Health Clubs, Health Food stores, Organic Food Shops, etc.

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Wheatgrass Business Offer Canada  


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