About Us

We are happy to bring this Nature’s ‘Wonder Grass’ product for the benefit of people in the Canada.
Our company started by a group of like-minded entrepreneurs for the promotion of Organic and Natural health products.

Our mission is to:
Promote natural health products for prevention & curing of diseases.
Helping people achieve a holistic approach towards healthy lifestyle.
Creating awareness and marketing of Wheat Grass Powder.
We are the authorised import and distributor in Canada for organic Girmes Wheatgrass Powder from India. Our business module is to develop sales by appointing traditional marketing dealer’s. We provide detailed product knowledge about Wheatgrass Powder through brochure, booklet, website & personally through our Dealers. We have developed tools that will help buyers understand how Wheatgrass Powder can be used for health & healing.

Quality you can trust:
In our survey of finding the best Natural Health Products, we got highly influenced by the miraculous benefits of Wheat Grass Powder. Our conclusion is that Wheat Grass Powder is the most convenient, economical & result oriented health product. It is a Natures Gift to Mankind for maintaining health and healing.  We tried many brands of Wheat Grass products worldwide & found Girmes Wheatgrass Powder form India to be the best.

Prices you can afford:
We believe in the concept that ‘Being Organic’ doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive.
Product that we promote are priced reasonable & are affordable for maximum people.